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We will ensure our child will always have a family where they feel unconditionally loved, cared for and supported.

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On their first date, Kyle immediately thought Charlie was “the one” and was so nervous he barely ate anything!

Seven years later, they are in love, married, and can’t wait to be dads!


  • Charlie has a Master’s degree and works to produce new medicines and therapies.
  • Kyle has a PhD and a Master’s degree and works as a data analyst and project manager.


Nova is our adorable dog that loves to explore and go for walks. He can’t wait to lead the way with a stroller behind him!


He enjoys: music/playing piano • cooking • yoga • video games • learning languages

ABOUT KYLE (By Charlie):

Kyle LOVES math and is great at it! I can already picture him helping our child with homework. He has a big heart as well as a big brain, he listens, doesn’t judge, and takes great care of the people he loves. He will be a great Dad, and love our child with all of his heart.


He enjoys: reading • gardening • crocheting/quilting • weight lifting • Netflix


He is kind and caring to everyone and everything in his life, from injured squirrels in our yard, to our dog, Nova. Charlie has a goofy sense of humor that can make anybody laugh!


We can’t wait to share our family’s love with a child.

Every year for the holidays, we love spending time with our loved ones – Kyle’s family and Charlie’s twin brother and sister-in-law. We love playing games, going on walks with our dogs, and cooking big family dinners.

NYC is a special experience at Christmas!

Exploring with Charlie’s brother and sister-in-law in the big city!


Our house is in a small, quiet neighborhood. We have a mini-vegetable garden next to our deck. All that’s missing is a swing-set for our child!

Kyle having fun with a young boy in Ecuador while there with an educational program. Ironically, Charlie’s family is also from Ecuador!

We are best friends and are ready to be DADS!

Our love of travel has taken us across the state, country, and even the world! We are ready to explore new places and cultures with our child one day!

Thank You!

Like you, we want to give your child a life full of love, support, and security. We hope to give them an environment in which they feel they can grow up to be whomever they want to be and do whatever they want to do.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us more. We look forward to hopefully meeting you soon and getting the chance to know you!

Charlie and Kyle

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